“By takin' your green, oh yeah, The Villain does get fucked with no Vaseline.” - Ice Cube, 1991

While watching the Aldo vs. Edgar fight at UFC 200 yesterday, I received a DM from DJ Sidereal.

I checked out his twitter account and from the naked eye, everything seems to be 100% legit. There are recent posts about projects, photos, and retweets. Like I said, seemed legit.  I expressed interest and received another message.

DJ SideReal states, “The project is getting uploaded to the newest and premier mixtape hosting site On By Society”. I had never heard of this specific “premier mixtape” site so I thought to myself, let me scope it out. I then check out the twitter account by On By Society and see that there is a link to this “premier mixtape” website… come to find out … this website doesn’t exist. The link does not work.  See for yourself, click here. RED FLAG! Tell me how this “premier website” is going to result in A&R promotion and 1500 direct blog contacts if it doesn’t exist?!  There are actors that have never had a single gig in there entire life, who have $12 SquareSpace websites.

This is fake and DJ SideReal is a fraud.  The only viable thing that pops up, is a SoundCloud account for On By Society in which there are several playlists, each with a compilation of songs aka a compilation of tracks from people that fell for this scam.

Why would I pay any amount of money for someone else to put my song on SoundCloud. I’ve got my own accounts. I have my own website and distribute my music to major distributors like Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal.

DJ Sidereal promotes On By Society under the guise that this “premier mixtape” hosting site is socially conscience and aware of social issues. You will see tweets regarding the recent shooting in Minnesota, where he is from. He gives so much of a shit about injustice in the black community yet he setup this scam to steal money from rappers. What a piece a shit! Every single person on his timeline that gives him props, co-signing his bullshit, are pieces of shit too! The only reason that little punks like this exist, is because we don’t support each other.  This no talent hack has benefited off the talent of others. You see all of this when you visit twitter accounts and check out timelines, but dig deeper.  When you do, you will discover that all of this is fake. We are talking about a dude who will go as far as using own disease to his benefit to rip people off. I did my own sidereal study and a star, he is not.

I also checked out Ripoff Report and there is a report against DJ Sidereal in which an individual from Middletown, New York clearly states the DJ Sidereal charges $50 for a spot on a mixtape and “then disappears”. DJ Sidereal preys on talented hip hop artists promising promotions. Hmmm… sounds familiar. Someone then refutes this report by the name of Sam, stating that it simply isn’t true but facts are facts and the evidence has been laid out right in front of you. On By Society does not have a website and will only promote your song on their SoundCloud account. Shit,  send me your song,  and I’ll promote it for free and you can still pay your light bill.

Artists be smart… do your research.  Check out all links and verify information. If you don’t your due diligence, then you deserve to get scammed. In this day in age, you HAVE to verify all information and call-out clowns like DJ Sidereal for the culture vultures that they are. Little fucking no-talent hacks like this sneak into the culture and take advantage of it.