No Vaseline

No Vaseline

“By takin' your green, oh yeah, The Villain does get fucked with no Vaseline.” - Ice Cube, 1991

While watching the Aldo vs. Edgar fight at UFC 200 yesterday, I received a DM from DJ Sidereal.

I checked out his twitter account and from the naked eye, everything seems to be 100% legit. There are recent posts about projects, photos, and retweets. Like I said, seemed legit.  I expressed interest and received another message.

DJ SideReal states, “The project is getting uploaded to the newest and premier mixtape hosting site On By Society”. I had never heard of this specific “premier mixtape” site so I thought to myself, let me scope it out. I then check out the twitter account by On By Society and see that there is a link to this “premier mixtape” website… come to find out … this website doesn’t exist. The link does not work.  See for yourself, click here. RED FLAG! Tell me how this “premier website” is going to result in A&R promotion and 1500 direct blog contacts if it doesn’t exist?!  There are actors that have never had a single gig in there entire life, who have $12 SquareSpace websites.

This is fake and DJ SideReal is a fraud.  The only viable thing that pops up, is a SoundCloud account for On By Society in which there are several playlists, each with a compilation of songs aka a compilation of tracks from people that fell for this scam.

Why would I pay any amount of money for someone else to put my song on SoundCloud. I’ve got my own accounts. I have my own website and distribute my music to major distributors like Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal.

DJ Sidereal promotes On By Society under the guise that this “premier mixtape” hosting site is socially conscience and aware of social issues. You will see tweets regarding the recent shooting in Minnesota, where he is from. He gives so much of a shit about injustice in the black community yet he setup this scam to steal money from rappers. What a piece a shit! Every single person on his timeline that gives him props, co-signing his bullshit, are pieces of shit too! The only reason that little punks like this exist, is because we don’t support each other.  This no talent hack has benefited off the talent of others. You see all of this when you visit twitter accounts and check out timelines, but dig deeper.  When you do, you will discover that all of this is fake. We are talking about a dude who will go as far as using own disease to his benefit to rip people off. I did my own sidereal study and a star, he is not.

I also checked out Ripoff Report and there is a report against DJ Sidereal in which an individual from Middletown, New York clearly states the DJ Sidereal charges $50 for a spot on a mixtape and “then disappears”. DJ Sidereal preys on talented hip hop artists promising promotions. Hmmm… sounds familiar. Someone then refutes this report by the name of Sam, stating that it simply isn’t true but facts are facts and the evidence has been laid out right in front of you. On By Society does not have a website and will only promote your song on their SoundCloud account. Shit,  send me your song,  and I’ll promote it for free and you can still pay your light bill.

Artists be smart… do your research.  Check out all links and verify information. If you don’t your due diligence, then you deserve to get scammed. In this day in age, you HAVE to verify all information and call-out clowns like DJ Sidereal for the culture vultures that they are. Little fucking no-talent hacks like this sneak into the culture and take advantage of it.

Top 10 Rap Songs with OJ Simpson References

ESPN’s Made in America Mini Series on OJ “The Juice” Simpson warrants a soundtrack just as worthy. These are the top ten songs with an OJ reference. Enjoy!


“I love hip-hop, B-Boy round the clock, doin non-stop” – Phife Dawg

My first memory of Tribe Called Quest was the Scenario video. I find it interesting how everyone laments Busta’s verses, and rightfully so, but what impressed me the most was the 5-foot freak, Phife Dawg. First to grace the now iconic track, Phife say’s “Bust a nut in your eye to show you where I come from”.

I cannot begin to express the importance of Tribe Called Quest to my life and the impact it played. The Low End Theory was not the first album I owned. Truthfully, It is not even the first album I listened to. What stands out the most is Phife’s standout moments, everything from the opening salvo on Buggin Out to the underrated Butter. It was obvious that Phife stepped his game up. Please do not get me wrong! His importance to the group was not his lyrical ability, but the duality he brought to the group.  Phife was the ying to Q-Tip’s yang. If Q-Tip was Superman, Phife was Clark Kent, a man’s man rapper with no shame in his game. He was also an avid lover of all sports with references from Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, and Broadway Jo Namath to Charles Oakley and Scott Skiles. Nevermore was Phife’s love of sports on display then in the Michael Rapport’s 2011 documentary called Beats, Rhymes, & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest. A documentary that also illustrated how fragmented the group’s relationship had become as well as providing insight into Phife’s health issues and struggle with Type 1 Diabetes.  Phife talked about his health in verses with lyrics like, “when was the last time you heard a funky diabetic”. His wife, Deisha Head Taylor, gave him a kidney in 2008, but Phife’s constant struggle would inevitably be the end of the iconic rapper’s life. His legacy continues through Tribe Called Quest’s everlasting impression on music.

RIP Malik Isaac Taylor

11/20/70 – 03/22/16


New World Water

New World Water

“The rich and poor, black and white got need for it.” – Mos Def (1999)

Two days ago, Detroit Lions Pro Bowl Defensive end, Ziggy Ansah, donated 94,000 bottles of water to the people of Flint, Michigan.  If you haven’t heard, Flint’s water is contaminated with lead and has been for quite some time.  Unlike the water in Flint, it is clear that this is a manmade crisis. Ansah decided to take things into his own hands. It’s a good thing since it seems that no one else from any private organization has done a single thing to help. Why aren’t the owners stepping up to the plate in a state with four sports teams? Are there no Detroit Lions, Tigers, Redwings and Pistons fans in Flint? It’s funny to me that the players are putting up their money, when Martha Ford signs their payroll checks. This has been an issue for over two years. I find it hard to believe that Ford did not know that General Motors stop using Flint’s water because it was rusting out car parts. But you know how a competition goes...

It’s not just the owners…Where is Eminem? Where is Madonna? Where is Kid Rock? Where are the people that have taken the Detroit and surrounding areas attitude and image to build highly profitable careers? While I’m sitting here placing the blame on the owners of the Detroit Lions, Detroit Redwings, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, I ask myself…. what about the media? Where was CNN? MSNBC, the Liberal Bastion of Equality? It's hard to think that Fox News didn’t take this opportunity to point how liberals have ruined Flint’s water system. The blame cannot squarely be placed on these corporations or individuals, as the city of Detroit offered to reconnect Flint to it's water system. Back in April 2014, it was disconnected from Detroit in an effort to save money. An issue of this magnitude cannot solely be blamed on the those that have the resources to fix it. We must first realize how this issue came to be. It was the callous disregard for the citizens by the politicians at a local and state level. The Mayor of Flint, Dayne Walling, and the Governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder, have failed Flint tremendously. On March 27, 2015, officials stated that the quality of Flint’s water had improved and meet all state ad federal standards. The citizens of Flint would find this not to be true, after spending five months of bathing, swimming, drinking, washing cars, washing pets, doing laundry, etc. One September 24, 2015, a group of doctors headed by Mona Hanna – Attisha urged the citizens to stop using the Flint River for water after discovering increased levels of lead in the blood of children. Still, state officials insisted that the water was safe. Governor Rick Snyder finally announces there is a problem. His solution to the problem... throw money at it! One million to buy water filters, nine millions in aid for Flint with 6 million of which go to switching Flint’s drinking water back to Detroit.  On November 3, 2015, Karen Weaver is voted in over incumbent Mayor Dayne Walling, amid the backlash of the water crisis. It is now 2016 and as of January 5th, Governor Snyder has declared a state of emergency in Flint. The National Guard has been called in to distribute water bottles. Michigan Health officials discovered an increase in Legionnaires’ disease due to the neglect of Flint citizens. Snyder has asked President Obama for Federal disaster aid and the President has sign an emergency declaration of aid for Flint. So after two years of horror, it finally seems like salvation is on the horizon. Let us not forget that it was not a corporation, was not a major media outlet, rather the citizens who took to the streets to spread awareness. Let it be up to Cher, someone from a state familiar with drought and seasonal fires, to be the first person to come to the aid of Flint, oh if we can turn back time.